Monday, 10/04/2017 | 15:52

MOIT to comprehensively control the hydropower activities

Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has issued an Action Plan in hydropower sector through the Decision No 396/QĐ-BCT dated 10/2/2017 to emphasize the synchronizing measures to discover, overcome shortcomings and limitations in management of

MOIT to comprehensively control the hydropower activities

MOIT to comprehensively control the hydropower activities

The Action Plan aims to create a proactive change in state management and enforcing legal regulations on planning, construction investment and operation of hydropower projects to guarantee hydropower development with safety, socio-environmental protection and synthetic exploiting efficiency.

For implementing the Action Plan, MOIT asks it’s directly under and relevant units to initiatively and closely coordinate to perform the tasks assigned in Government Resolution No 11/NQ-CP to check and generally assess the legal documents, technical regulations and standards related to the management of the planning, construction investment, project quality, operation, exploitation and dam safety of hydropower projects in order to timely propose competence agencies to supplement, modify them for ensuring to comply with the current laws and meeting practical requirements.

Besides, it is necessary to assess implementing management of hydropower projects from the planning stage to commissioning and putting the project into operation.

Regarding the Provincial Departments of Industry and Trade, it is necessary to assess the staff arrangement situation of the department for implementing the relevant tasks; executing relevant regulations of investors of hydropower projects; shortcomings, difficulties and problems for proposing solutions to ensure close managing quality of hydropower projects.