Friday, 24/11/2023 | 10:17

PV Power cooperates with T&T Group and SHB Bank

PetroVietnam Power Corporation (PV Power) has inked a comprehensive co-operation agreement with T&T Group Joint Stock Company and Saigon-Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB).

PV Power cooperates with T&T Group and SHB Bank

PV Power cooperates with T&T Group and SHB Bank

Photo: Overview of the signing ceremony

Present at the signing ceremony which was held on the afternoon of November 21 in Hanoi was Hoang Van Quang, chairman of PV Power's board of directors; Le Nhu Linh, general director of PV Power; along with other board members and heads of both functional departments and subsidiary units.

Do Quang Hien, chairman of the Group Strategy Committee; Mai Xuan Son, the general director; and officials from the functional units, departments, and offices represented T&T Group at the event.

Meanwhile representing SHB was Do Quang Hien, chairman of the Board of Directors, along with Ngo Thu Ha, general director and representatives of functional departments of the Bank.

Photo: Chairman of PV Power's board of directors speaks at the event.

At the signing ceremony, Quang expressed his appreciation for the three parties' potential for investment collaboration. He conveyed his genuine faith in the T&T Group's capacity to both finance and develop power projects, especially those involving renewable energy and SHB, one of Vietnam's leading commercial banks. The partnership will therefore create a solid platform in which the three parties can seek numerous prospects ahead for further investment co-operation to make the most of each unit's strengths, whilst ultimately achieving the objective of comprehensive collaboration throughout the operation and development process, he said.

Photo: Mr. Do Quang Hien addresses the event.

Speaking on behalf of T&T Group and SHB Bank, Hien expressed his satisfaction with the current state of joint efforts, including his hopes that following the agreement's signature, all three parties - each with their respective advantages - will work for the cause of shared growth and expeditiously produce favourable outcomes in the near future.

Photo: Representatives of three parties sign the agreement.

This signing ceremony can be attributed to in-depth discussions held on co-operation opportunities among the three parties. Indeed, all parties signed the agreement with the understanding that given their respective sizes and capacities, they would work together in order to establish the most favourable conditions possible for co-operation in all areas. Consequently, PV Power and T&T Group will work together as a means of investigating clean energy and hydrogen green energy projects in Vietnam.

With regard to clean energy projects and power plants that T&T Group invests in, PV Power and its member companies will also offer management, operation, maintenance, and repair services along with training workers in these areas.

For SHB, PV Power will offer top priority to utilizing the financial services offered by the bank, including cash flow management services, credit granting, payments, and other banking services to guarantee quality control and competitive prices.

Most notably, PV Power, T&T Group, and SHB will work together in their tripartite relationship as a means of enhancing productivity in the areas of brand promotion and advertising communication. This will be done as part of efforts to further spur the growth of information technology and digital transformation in businesses, as well as sharing successful management and operation models and experiences.