Core values in PV Power’s corporate culture (23/05/2011)

1. Vision: Moving towards the future
- To become a leading energy Group in Vietnam and in the region.
- Moving towards new generation of power with high and stable quality, environmental friendliness, state-of-the-art technology, which is considered as the main operation, and making breakthroughs and pioneering in investment in clean energy as the key orientation.

2. Mission: 6 historical missions of PV Power
- To ensure the National Power security, country’s economic development, including people’s life improvement under PVN’s management;
- To become a leading electricity manufacturer and supplier in Vietnam with the highest and most stable quality; Providing that gas thermal as PVN’s advantage, coal fired as the large-scale in electricity market, and renewable energy as the key orientation;
- Creating motives to boost a competitive electricity market in Vietnam;
- Pioneering in applying advanced technology into power development; Considering environmental friendliness as the precedent condition in investment;
- Providing with project advisory services and Operation and Maintenance services in Vietnam and in the region;
- Creating a modern, highly specialized and professional team.

3. Mottos of PV Power’s leaders: 5 traditional mottos
- Discipline : Only discipline can create a stable power source.
- Effectiveness : Only effectiveness can create incentives for staff.
- Innovation : Only innovation can attract talents.
- Pioneering : Only pioneering can create PV Power’s private character in clean energy development.
- Joining : Only joining can building up a competitive electricity market in Vietnam and in the region.